Text 2 Mind Map Interface

This interface (https://www.text2mindmap.com/) was actually my third choice, and I actually really wanted to get the interface https://writer.inklestudios.com/ but alas, someone else got it before I was able to. I chose this interface because I enjoy organizing, and I am in a lot of biology classes that have a lot of terms and concepts that would be easily organized into a mind map. I constantly find myself taking my notes and writing everything out into a mind map system to help me see how everything connects and works together, so I will be interesting to see how this interface does that. I have written my own mind maps several times, but I have not seen an online interface specifically designed for this. It seems easy to use and understandable, so I think that it will be interesting to work with. I am looking forward to exploring what this interface has to show me.

Autoocoreect (Autocorrect) and Autocompleted (Autocomplete)

Being the huge dork that I am, I often find myself using very silly words with my friends, which are usually references to Youtube videos, jokes, or random things that we say. With a couple of my friends, we often found ourselves saying “supermegafoxyawesomehot” in reference to a joke from a theater group we love. It got to the point where my phone would autocomplete anything starting with a ‘su’ to that word so that I didn’t have to write out that long monstrosity. It was humorous at first, until I was sending a text to my research supervisor.

It was after winter break had just started, my supervisor sent out a massive text to our research team thanking us for being a great group, and saying that she was excited to see us next semester. I responded “Thank you for being such a great research supervisor” except my phone corrected it to “Thank you for being such a great research supermegafoxyawesomehot”. Now, normally I would notice this grave error and change it back; however, for some reason my finger was already on the ‘send’ button, and I was too slow on my reaction time to change it. And then that message got sent to everyone in my research group, and sounded extremely unprofessional. After explaining the autocomplete error, we all laughed about it; however, it is still an ongoing joke in our research lab.

The Last Post…

Much like the last melon on ‘Ice Age,’ this is my last post for this class. I decided to take this time to wrap up what I have learned from this project, as well as adding some of my own personal gifs and memes. I have enjoyed this process very much. Over the past couple days before submitting this blog, I have made a couple changes. I added bold-face fonts to the ‘What I Did’ and ‘Why I Did It’ posts, as well as cleaned up some grammar issues. I also added an archive section widget to help organize everything, and then included that widget on my Site Information Page as well.

I have also edited some of the posts to make them more interesting, in my opinion, mostly by adding gifs and memes. As I am a big Reddit.com fan, which is filled with  memes and gifs, I felt it was apt to include them in my posts, even if most of my posts are only about minor alterations that I made to the blog (which aren’t very interesting). Going through this process has made me strongly consider writing my own blog, as it is an easy and fun process, especially though this website; but, until then, back to my lurker-status on the internet and close the door on this project.

Updating, Altering, and Adapting

What I Did: This time around I mostly worked on making the fixes noted in my peer review. I changed my about page to include information about my artwork. I also added a few more pictures.

Why I Did It: I did this because the photography and artwork seemed a bit out of place, but in a way they do tie into my badge theme. I write about ’embracing your crazy’ and when my life gets crazy, I use that art as therapy. I find it to be extremely helpful, and I hope others will follow suit. I know it isn’t the best in the world, but to me it helps me a lot when I am stressed out, and it allows me to be creative. Also, everyone likes looking at pictures, and it adds some unique touches to my blog to make it more personal and interesting to the viewers. Hopefully I will be able to include more personal touches to help my blog take off.

Letting Someone Else see my Blog for the First Time

What I Heard in Peer Review: My partner Emily reflected that she liked my theme and the addition of my photography and artwork. She noted that I had everything I needed for my blog, but that I may want to add some more information in the ‘about me’ section about why I have my pictures there. She liked my title, even though I am still not a complete fan of it yet, so I may not change it after all. After seeing her blog I noticed some creativity that she used that I liked a lot. She implemented quotes and some bold text/theme choices that I liked, so I may alter my blog slightly to include some of those qualities.

What I Need to Do: I need to include some information about my artwork claiming it as my own in my site information page. I also need to write about why I have my pictures in my blog, and try to incorporate them into my about me page a little bit more.

Site Information Development

What I Did: Today I worked on understanding and completing my Site Information Page. I mostly did it with bullets and links to the creators of the widgets and theme.  I kept it very simple, and will alter it if necessary. I didn’t have much else to add, as I had finished my About Me page to the best of my abilities, and will likely not edit it until the peer review day. As I have been sick this week, I did not have much time to do too much, and I will likely need to confirm that I have done the Site Information Page properly, as well as confirm that my About Me page is correct.

Why I Did It: I worked on the Site Information page and set the layout so that it was easy to read, and gave all the themes and widgets that I used on my page so that, if someone chose to, they could copy the layout. I also tried to give credit to the theme designer by giving a link to their page. I didn’t know if the widgets that I used had a specific designer as well, so I simply put ‘WordPress’ as their designer. If that is incorrect, I will change it.

Multimodal Dig

When digging through my backpack, it was not very full, and there were not many multimodal texts. I am a little fuzzy on what qualifies as a ‘multimodal text’ per se, as I was unable to attend class, but based on the textbook and the directions online, I think I was able to find a few. The only multimodal texts I have found were as follows:

  • Writer/Designer Guide Book (L, V)
  • Child Abnormal Psychology Textbook (L, V, G, S)
  • Psychological Disorders in Children Syllabus (L, V)
  • A philosophy syllabus (L, V)
  • Philosophy handwritten notes (L, S)
  • Nail Polish label (L, V)
  • iClicker label (L)
  • Class Schedule (L, V)
  • Psychology handwritten notes (L, S)
  • Philosophy binder (V, S)
  • Macbook case (V, S)

The syllabi are similar and use both linguistic and visual modes to help the readers understand the material and to make it easier to read. These are also similar to my class schedule. My classes notes are both not very visually stimulating, and mostly focus on the linguistic aspect. This is similar to the iClicker label. The nail polish label is meant to visually be dynamic and go with the flow of the design of the case, but it also has a linguistic quality to explain the contents and other information. The textbooks both want to try to get the readers to enjoy the visuals they see while learning linguistically, so they implement both modes. The Macbook case is colorful and specifically designed for visual appeal, as well as organization in space, only having writing as the label. The only other text I found that was spatial was my binder, as it is meant for organization. It also has visual appeal and limited written text on it.

Some of these were created very recently, like my class notes and schedule. The text material were created earlier on; however, there is not a big difference between the two, as one was published/revised in 2012 and the other in 2014. Of all of these texts, aI think that hand written notes and the macbook case are the two most different modes, as the case is mostly for visual aesthetic and the notes are purely for linguistic purposes. They are also used for very different purposes, which factors into the difference.

Had I been able to attend class today, I would have likely showed my nail polish mode with the class, as not many people are likely to have nail polish in their backpacks. It has a very creative visual label mode, and then it has the boring linguistic mode to explain the contents. The label is visually dynamic and interesting, and I think the class would have liked it. It utilizes modes in a way that I found interesting, especially since it is such an abstract object.

I’m Getting to Know Me (and the website)!

What I Did: Today I finally figured out how to add menus, and had a fun time deciding how I wanted that formatting to go (and by that, I mean being indecisive and bouncing back and forth between several different menu order options). After that I wrote my about me page, which I based mostly off of my online identity response, and included my online identity badge picture as well. I may go back and work on my about me page some more too, as the blog progresses.

Why I Did it: I put my project menus inside a project menu itself, making the actual projects as sub-menus. I may possibly change this, but it will depend on if I add any more menus. I also worked on my about me page. I mostly gave a general summary of myself at the beginning to help people get a feel for who I am. Then, I added a lot of the text and image from my online identity project. I felt that it had a good feel to it, and would help create some personality to my blog. As I enhance my blog, I will likely alter it a bit to include more relevant information. I do not think I am finished designing the menus or writing on my about me page, but I got a fair amount done, and am more comfortable with working with the website.

Indecision: 1, Hutch: 0

What I Did: I didn’t change much this time around, but mostly bounced back and forth between theme ideas for hours. In the end, I didn’t really change anything and just came back to my original design. I indecisively bounced back and forth between several pictures, ultimately ending up back to what I had originally placed as the photo header. I then looking into adding widgets and menus. I added a gallery widget, and plan to add more once I get my blog figured out more. I couldn’t quite figure out how to add menus yet, so I decided to wait to work on those once I had a better understanding of how to add them. I still have not found a good blog name yet, which I am working on.

Why I Did It: I really want my webpage to look as great as I know it can be, so I chose to bounce back and forth between a lot of picture ideas to make it look great. I also wanted to add some of the photos I had taken, because I kept trying to add them onto the blog heading picture, and figured adding a gallery widget would help me display the photography while not cluttering up the blog. I will likely also add another gallery widget for artwork I have done, as I feel that these help get the readers to have a better understanding of who I am as a person. Hopefully indecision will not get in the way later on when I am working on my piece.

Setting up my Blog

As an extremely indecisive person, this is going to be by far the most challenging part of creating my blog. I will be jumping back and forth between themes, titles, and pictures to display constantly until I finally love what I have published. I have currently set up my theme after searching through several different options. I like bold fonts but simple backgrounds, so I felt that this theme and color sequence was something that appealed to me. I wanted to alter the colors a bit; however, that is only available on the premium setting.

I added the tagline of ‘Writing and Digital Media Blog’ to explain that this is my class blog; however, I may make it more unique as I develop my blog. I also have no idea what to put as my title yet, so I got very boring with it and simply put ‘Hutch’s Hangout’ for now. As a lover of puns, hopefully I’ll find something clever to use as my title later on.

The easiest part of this set up was the url set up. My initials are hah, my favorite number is 21, and my nickname in  high school was hutch. I put all of that together and it seemed to work for me. I then also added a header photo of a beach picture that I took; however, as I develop my blog that is also likely to change. This has made me excited to see what I can do next!