Interrogate an Interface

For this project I interrogated the Text 2 Mind Map website. I examined the overall affordances and constraints of the website, as well as looked at its overall design and usability of the website. I looked at its rhetorical situation, modes of communication, design choices, and various other aspects of the website.

Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 9.50.43 AM

This website design tool is intended to help people organize their ideas or projects into an easy to use mind map, utilizing an easy outline tool and simple to use organizational commands. It aims to allow for brainstorming thoughts and organizing ideas, and overall it does a good job of accomplishing these goals. While interrogating the interface, I looked at the following concepts:

First Impressions – an overview of the interface, first impressions, and overall understanding of the concept and design

Rhetoric and Design – examination of rhetorical situation and design choices of the website, including modes of communication

Affordances – Positive aspects of the website tool that are user friendly

Constraints – Aspects of the website tool that are limited or needs improvement

Conclusion – Overall conclusions about website tool and analysis



Home — First ImpressionsRhetorical and Design AffordancesConstraintsConclusions

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